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Supergirl by Peter-v-Nguyen

Being a teenager is hard sometimes. All  you want is some quiet place  to listen to your favorite jam. Get some rays and play with your pets.

Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

Xtreme by Peter-v-Nguyen

adam the xtreme 24 issue mock  pitch.

What happens when you do a mock pitch of your favorite but non favorite xmen mutant shiar mutant who has the mutant power to ignites peoples blood?

Issue 1 - Adam X has been missing for 16 months and no one cares. A big blue beam hits a crop-field in the Midwest.  Adam shows with fragmented memories and hung over. All he knows his scythe has changed and hes missing his other one.

Issue 2 Adam gets a hair cut and gets new clothes. Discovers he has the same teleporting powers as shatter star. Fights batroc the leaper.  Learns if he his new scythe drinks the blood (because of shiar magic) Adam gets a mental download of the victims fighting abilities and if shiar related powerset..

3 to 4 . He runs into mentallo in Chicago and fights him and finds out the mentallo has been using Hellion to rob heavy mech stuff to build his own cerebro. Adam beats him. Hellion joins him on his quest to recover his memory.

issue 5  he remembers losing badly to the juggernaut  and drinks with hellion about it, Hellions drinks about x23 they bond.

Issue 6 he learns while training with hellion what a great team they are. Now Adam doesn’t have to get close to someone. Hellion can send blades and nik people from far away and he can explode blood.

Issue 7 to 11  he runs into emplate  on a remote island looking for his other blade and rescues  hollow/penance. She joins the team.

Issue 12 His secondary mutation appears and now he can talk to his scythe and other kitchen knives..kidding. He can talk to shiar metal. Including spaceships. Now his scythe  emits a stream of blood from THE BLADE which is already on fire.  He can now douse people with blood fire.

Issue 13 to 14. He seeks out Rachel grey to try use her telepathy. They explore the secret maps of the mind scythe, They also date and go on a luke and leia  like adventure across the cosmos. He recovers his other scythe from the phalanx and pisses on vulcan’s grave.They runinto starlord and kitty

Issue 15  returns to earth and goes for a drink gets his ass beaten by squirrel girl

Issue 16. He gets his butt beaten BAD by a nextwave deadpool teamup and its all over pie and Rachel finds out they might be related.

Issue 17 He ends up in a morlock tunnel searching for memories and gets beaten by marrow. Rachael dates him for a couple more times than mind wipes his memories of her.

Issue 18. Marrow agrees to train him and she joins the team. Adam x starts dating men because of the mindwipe, He starts with shatterstar.  When the two fo them met again. A portal in Singapore opens and 90s adam xtreme and 90s marrow show up (save for later)

Issue 19. He finds out the other scythe is technologically based so he searches out whiz kid and see  if he can unlock its secret. The whole team goes to japan!

Issue 20. before Adam and co arrive. we get a Whiz kid solo issue. He fights the hand and takes on baymax possessed by viral malice and takes a selfie with captain America.

Issue 21 Whiz kid joins the team.  He provides all the  sharpanel via  smart ninja stars for hellion to slice everyone with. Marrow and hollow follow up with more slicing. Than Adam finales with a blood bath on fire. They versus  Japanese skrulls and slaughter everyone.

issue 22. They create the team name.??? Due to some weird teleportation issue he ends up fighting 90s juggernaut 90s black tom. His team takes on black tom and he takes on the  juggernaut. he finds a way to explode his head. His confidence restored. Hollow takes the cytorax gem and marrow keeps tom’s staff.

Issue 23  Shatter star explains why they have the same teleporting powers.  Adam and shatter star break up. Adam gets drunk, cliff hanger. Scott and Alex want to meet him

Issue 24 last issue!  Scott and Alex tell him  90s version of him has been going round with a 90s version of marrow  ripping the city apart looking for anyone summers and gambit weirdly. They confront the two .Some one on the team gets mortally wounded and adam is forced to kill 90s self and marrow does the same to herself. So Adam disbands the team/band.  He has a chat with havok and summers over pie. As they all drink water a beam of from the sky . Same from isssue one hits them all.  He says one line” I remember everything” before all the summers and adam disappear…ohhhh so does gambit. The issue ends
Marvel Girl by Peter-v-Nguyen
Marvel Girl
even though she cant read its mind , she can sure tear it apart.
NYCC 2014


table Artist Alley K4

be there or be square.


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Peter V Nguyen
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
"Peter Nguyen (born 1984) In 2006 Peter Nguyen entered the Wildstorm competition and became a finalist of four which help him get his start.Peter got his first start working at dc comics in late 2009 and has done a series of books for them ever since. He has also worked for Marvel Comics, Hasbro comics and done covers for Boom Studios. Also His animation work includes effects and production on 'Wolverine and the X-Men' and effects designer Voltron Force in 2012. "

Current Residence: cali/hawaii
Operating System: dell,mac

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